We have spent a long time researching and searching for the right coffee with the right flavour.  We are really excited to have selected the Artisan Wood roasted  coffee beans named ‘Firefighter’ from Ue coffee roasters based in Ue logoWitney in Oxfordshire. This coffee is exclusive, original and thoroughly gorgeous, you must try it!

Firefighter – 55% Costa Rica, 30% Brazil and 15% Indian Cherry
The dark roast uses dried grape vine to bring dark chocolate notes with a caramelised syrupy sweetness and soft raspberry acidity.  Lasting impressions of molasses and malt loaf with a lingering smooth subtle smoky finish.
Decaf house blend


We also offer the Ue decaf house blend coffee that maintains all the fantastic oils and flavours of it’s stunning brother ‘Firecracker’

Clean smooth and moderate in body, it is perfect for anyone longing for flavour but wanting to limit the caffeine.  This is a blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees. It is decaffeinated using the swiss water process which uses a water filtration device to remove virtually all the caffeine from the beans.  No chemicals are used during the process.

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