Speciality Teas

We serve speciality teas from Jeeves & Jericho – The jolly Good Tea Company which is based in Oxfordshire.

The flavour of these teas need to be tasted to be believed, they smell as good as they taste and they look incredible, with pieces of fruit, blossoms and leaves, in fact they are so good we have decided to sell mini caddies to take home, because the minute you sample one you will want more.

Each one is individual and we have chosen a selection for every taste


Earl of Grey – This is a large leaf, full-bodied blend of the finest black Indian Assam and Ceylon Orange Pekoe black leaf tea with delicious natural Sicilian bergamot oil, enhanced with delicate blue Estonian cornflower petals. There are many different blends out there, but this lose leaf Earl of Grey is unique with its zesty lime taste and aroma

Girlie Grey – Now for something completely spectacular, Assam tea, dried lemon pieces, rosebuds and natural vanilla flavour. This is a  delicious dance of flavours with a decadent vanilla sweetness contrasted with a zesty citrus taste. It’s both a visual and gastronomic extravaganza…a boudoir in a cup! 

Spiced Masala Chai – Indian Assam tea, ginger root, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon bark, fennel and aniseed. This is infused with steamed milk for an authentic Chai Latte

Gunpowder – The highest-grade ‘Temple Of Heaven’ Gunpowder tea. Each leaf has been rolled into a tight round pellet, allowing the leaves to retain more of their flavour and aroma. –

Mojito Mint – Mojito Mint is a bespoke herbal blend. It combines peppermint with the calming freshness of lemongrass and the subtle sweetness of  Safflower, Marigold and cornflower blossoms. This delicious, soothing and refreshing tonic is a zingy version of the traditional peppermint tea. The digestive and cleansing properties of Mojito Mint make it a fantastically invigorating all day drink. 

Blackcurrant pop – Is a truly memorable rich fruity tonic. The tart and intense flavours of whole blackcurrants and raisins are blended with elderberries, candied pineapple chunks and hibiscus blossoms. 

Oxford Brew – A blend of broken leaf from the best first flush Assam tea gardens – This  tea is a full bodied and well-balanced blend for those with an educated palate who like their brew strong but intelligently sophisticated.



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