Simon Morton

Hi, my name is Simon Morton.  I have long been a fan of classic vehicles and I love the ugly beauty of he HY Van.  It’s an iconic vehicle with roots back to the 1940’s and perfect for a conversion into a cafe.  I  bought my van in France, in fact it was the Poitiers town council van for many years, I drove it home to Oxfordshire  and have lovingly restored it from top to bottom, it has now risen again into “Le Petit cafe”.

I am a trained barista and am passionate about excellent coffee and tea. I provide some of the best coffee and tea around, forget the high street chains, this is true Artisan coffee and an exquisite tea experience, of course its personal preference and you will just have to taste it and make up your own mind!

I am available to attend Festivals, Events or special occasions – I am based in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire and travel to all nearby counties.  Please contact me using the contact form provided.

3 thoughts on “Simon Morton”

  1. This is seriously cool folks! I have watched Simon lovingly restore an old French wagon into the beautiful Petit Cafe it is now. It is worth a look, not just for the best coffees and range of teas in England, but because he is a Master Craftsman (and perfectionist) who has done the entire refit outside his garage in Chipping Norton. He then went on to make sure he got the finest, authentic, French, best tasting snacks and drinks to retrain our taste buds.
    Well done Simon, and Frances and Sam too, for giving him the space to do it.

  2. Le Petit Cafe looks absolutely fantastic. I know that your coffee making is superb so it appears to be the perfect combination. Bon chance mate….

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