The Fracino

 Dual Fuel 

The Fracino Classic  coffee machine is dual fuel. It has the option to use LPG or electricity and it provides unrivalled flexibility power and mobility whilst still retaining high volume output. This machines are perfect for our mobile catering van.

We have developed the van to run independently  without any need for external power sources or access to water. It is truly a stand alone Cafe!

As all Barista’s know, the key to the best coffee is in fact the grinder.  We have gone for one of the market leaders, a MACAP M5D, this grinds the coffee in individual doses for each shot, this means that you get coffee as fresh as it could possible be. Its a known fact that the minute the coffee is ground it starts to lose flavour so when you visit your local coffee house check out the source of your shot.  This attention to detail ensures consistently perfectly brewed coffee with a thick crema, the best basis for all our special coffees 


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