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Le Petit Cafe – Mobile Coffee Shop

Le Petit Cafe is a mobile coffee shop with trained Barista’s on board

We only sell the best from Le Petit Cafe and have researched and searched for the top suppliers in the country.  We are passionate about Coffee and have chosen Ue Coffee Roasters ltd from Oxfordshire. They are the only Artisan wood roast Coffee suppliers in the country and only use the best hand picked beans from the finest growers in the world.

Our specialist teas are from Jeeves & Jericho who have the most incredible range of top quality first flush teas and blend them into flavours you will have to try to appreciate.

Our hot Delicious chocolate is sourced from the Ivory coast and is single origin, Its smooth rich and mellow……the best I’ve tasted!

We sell French  Fresh pastries, croissants and pain au chocolate that are freshly baked for that day. We are always looking for and finding special treats to temp any passing soul in need of fortification, or just a little pleasure.

We also sell Orangina, Volvic water and a range of preservative, colour and additive free children’s juices

We are available in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire and other counties on request

Hot Chocolate

Our chocolate is sourced from the Western part of the Ivory coast near the Ghanaian Boarder, this superb single origin cocoa is produced by a small co-operative.

It has 34% pure cocoa and has no nasty preservatives, additives or colours.

It has a fantastic floral fruity aroma which produces a rich, red mellow dark chocolate. its rich and sumptuous  and totally indulgent.

Allied to our coffee, the combination is just meant to be and it brings out even more flavour.  It is truly sensational.

Speciality Teas

We serve speciality teas from Jeeves & Jericho – The jolly Good Tea Company which is based in Oxfordshire.

The flavour of these teas need to be tasted to be believed, they smell as good as they taste and they look incredible, with pieces of fruit, blossoms and leaves, in fact they are so good we have decided to sell mini caddies to take home, because the minute you sample one you will want more.

Each one is individual and we have chosen a selection for every taste


Earl of Grey – This is a large leaf, full-bodied blend of the finest black Indian Assam and Ceylon Orange Pekoe black leaf tea with delicious natural Sicilian bergamot oil, enhanced with delicate blue Estonian cornflower petals. There are many different blends out there, but this lose leaf Earl of Grey is unique with its zesty lime taste and aroma

Girlie Grey – Now for something completely spectacular, Assam tea, dried lemon pieces, rosebuds and natural vanilla flavour. This is a  delicious dance of flavours with a decadent vanilla sweetness contrasted with a zesty citrus taste. It’s both a visual and gastronomic extravaganza…a boudoir in a cup! 

Spiced Masala Chai – Indian Assam tea, ginger root, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon bark, fennel and aniseed. This is infused with steamed milk for an authentic Chai Latte

Gunpowder – The highest-grade ‘Temple Of Heaven’ Gunpowder tea. Each leaf has been rolled into a tight round pellet, allowing the leaves to retain more of their flavour and aroma. –

Mojito Mint – Mojito Mint is a bespoke herbal blend. It combines peppermint with the calming freshness of lemongrass and the subtle sweetness of  Safflower, Marigold and cornflower blossoms. This delicious, soothing and refreshing tonic is a zingy version of the traditional peppermint tea. The digestive and cleansing properties of Mojito Mint make it a fantastically invigorating all day drink. 

Blackcurrant pop – Is a truly memorable rich fruity tonic. The tart and intense flavours of whole blackcurrants and raisins are blended with elderberries, candied pineapple chunks and hibiscus blossoms. 

Oxford Brew – A blend of broken leaf from the best first flush Assam tea gardens – This  tea is a full bodied and well-balanced blend for those with an educated palate who like their brew strong but intelligently sophisticated.




We have spent a long time researching and searching for the right coffee with the right flavour.  We are really excited to have selected the Artisan Wood roasted  coffee beans named ‘Firefighter’ from Ue coffee roasters based in Ue logoWitney in Oxfordshire. This coffee is exclusive, original and thoroughly gorgeous, you must try it!


Firefighter – 55% Costa Rica, 30% Brazil and 15% Indian Cherry
The dark roast uses dried grape vine to bring dark chocolate notes with a caramelised syrupy sweetness and soft raspberry acidity.  Lasting impressions of molasses and malt loaf with a lingering smooth subtle smoky finish.
Decaf house blend


We also offer the Ue decaf house blend coffee that maintains all the fantastic oils and flavours of it’s stunning brother ‘Firecracker’

Clean smooth and moderate in body, it is perfect for anyone longing for flavour but wanting to limit the caffeine.  This is a blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees. It is decaffeinated using the swiss water process which uses a water filtration device to remove virtually all the caffeine from the beans.  No chemicals are used during the process.

The Fracino

 Dual Fuel 

The Fracino Classic  coffee machine is dual fuel. It has the option to use LPG or electricity and it provides unrivalled flexibility power and mobility whilst still retaining high volume output. This machines are perfect for our mobile catering van.

We have developed the van to run independently  without any need for external power sources or access to water. It is truly a stand alone Cafe!

As all Barista’s know, the key to the best coffee is in fact the grinder.  We have gone for one of the market leaders, a MACAP M5D, this grinds the coffee in individual doses for each shot, this means that you get coffee as fresh as it could possible be. Its a known fact that the minute the coffee is ground it starts to lose flavour so when you visit your local coffee house check out the source of your shot.  This attention to detail ensures consistently perfectly brewed coffee with a thick crema, the best basis for all our special coffees 


The Coffee Menu


Authentic espresso preparation starts by freshly grinding beans perfected for this purest of methods.  The art of the barista is to calibrate the grind, expertly tamp just the right amount of coffee into the filter, then using pure filtered water keeping close watch on time, temperature and pressure. This creates a dark rich intense burst of coffee with a thick foamy Crema, this is the backbone of the art and this needs to be recreated shot after shot. Our espresso is the epitome of this.


Cappuccino is prepared with one perfect single shot of espresso,  our chocolate is then dusted on the crema. The milk is then sweetened by the process of heating and texturing . The perfect temperature and aeration is needed to form the microfoam and develop a smooth creamy velvety finish. The combination of the two by the Barista create more then the sum of their parts.


Preferred by the coffee purists for a longer coffee hit, its a pure double shot of expresso  added to hot water just under boiling so as not to scorch the coffee. The best Americano still has the perfect  crema, ours always does!


Mocha is made with our superb chocolate whisked with a little warm milk, a pure double shot  of Espresso is combined and whisked again then the milk is heated and aerated  to create the smooth creamy finish. This is truly sensational, you can even choose to have it  dusted with cinnamon for an extra burst of flavour.


Latte is a single shot of the perfect espresso with a lashings of steamed aerated milk at the perfect temperature to ensure it maintains its natural sweetness. The froth is held with just a light topping to create the perfect milky Latte.


Flat white

This a strong double shot of pure Ristretto but less milk than the latte and Cappuccino. The milk is aerated with steam to create micro foam bubbles which gives the milk a glossy sweet finish, the heavier foam also formed by this process is held. The rest of the milk is then spun into the coffee to create short intense coffee softened by the smooth velvety milk . 


Single intense shot of pure espresso with a spot of micro foam milk. This to adds to the crema and gives the coffee an extra dimension whilst maintaing  the exquisite depth of flavour


This is the coffee cognoscenti’s  pinnacle of coffee experiences. The Ristretto is a half shot of espresso, hard tamped and pulled short, the water is in contact with the grinds for a shorter time the caffeine is extracted in a reduced ratio to the intense coffee oils . The shot is bolder fuller with more body and less bitterness.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said

In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.




Simon Morton

Hi, my name is Simon Morton.  I have long been a fan of classic vehicles and I love the ugly beauty of he HY Van.  It’s an iconic vehicle with roots back to the 1940’s and perfect for a conversion into a cafe.  I  bought my van in France, in fact it was the Poitiers town council van for many years, I drove it home to Oxfordshire  and have lovingly restored it from top to bottom, it has now risen again into “Le Petit cafe”.

I am a trained barista and am passionate about excellent coffee and tea. I provide some of the best coffee and tea around, forget the high street chains, this is true Artisan coffee and an exquisite tea experience, of course its personal preference and you will just have to taste it and make up your own mind!

I am available to attend Festivals, Events or special occasions – I am based in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire and travel to all nearby counties.  Please contact me using the contact form provided.